2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee new Generation

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee new Generation – We have heard two sets of reports about the Grand Cherokee next. One peg in 2018, and most similar to the current model, but with a new body of code. Quite a bit of change, but there are a few constants. More noticeable in 2019, and see the Grand Cherokee platform in WL-reportedly shared with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but with major differences, mostly because the Jeeps have lower prices but should be practical beyond road; And to accommodate the V8.

Generation “PUG” Pentastar V6 will likely be moving the Cherokee low level. 5.7 Hemi V8 is still good until 2021-22; Afterwards, will likely be gone, replaced by a turbocharged straight-six.

We don’t see many changes that destroy the Earth for the next generation. All gadgets owned FCA will be brought, add 360 ° views from the inside. LED lighting is almost certainly an option, or standard on high-end models. Generation UConnect more possible, and perhaps a touch screen would be enlarged again. A lighter body seems a given, unless there is a change of security outweigh the effort of Jeep.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee new Generation

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee new Generation

SRT 392 is to get name change-they will be the Jeep-exclusive “Trackhawks,” and “powered by SRT,” according to redriderbob. We will probably see a storm Four to push the mileage and provide backup to diesel.

Moving on, here’s what we know about the next Grand Cherokee after it, will most likely be launched in 2021-23:

  • This will be based on the same underlying with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but will likely be highly modified for off-road capabilities and to reduce costs.
  • V8 option will probably go; United States is expected to drop restrictions on gas mileage, and keep the big Bay could make a practice of 392 and Hellcat. A dual-turbo V6 will save 400 horsepower on tap. Even if the U.S. let rise in gas mileage, other countries will comply with their rules, and the Grand Cherokee is a global car. V8 may also stay; SRT, which requires at least 392 to remain relevant, it is quite favorable and Americans love the V8.
    This will remain with wheel drive rear and AWD is optional, and the base model wasn’t right-off-road-ready.

Source : Allpar